To create a Companion Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network (CAVSNET), a network based on the SAVSNET model which was developed at the University of Liverpool eleven years ago, and continues to successfully collect veterinary data for better health outcomes. Our goal is to partner with the following and to engage in a pilot study linking Minnesota and Connecticut : Jennifer Granick, DVM, Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Sciences from the University of Minnesota, Amanda Beaudoin, DVM, Director of Antibiotic Stewardship, Minnesota Department of Public Health, Juliana Ruzante, DVM, Center for Health and Environmental Modeling, RTI International, Professor Alan Radford, University of Liverpool, UK, SAVSNET, Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network. The CAVSNET team is actively seeking data partners here in Connecticut.

Potential Partners Include

  • Connecticut Veterinary Practitioners and CVMA members
  • State Epidemiologist- Matthew L. Cartter, MD, MPH or Lynn Sosa, MD Deputy State Epidemiologist
  • Animal Health Division, DOAG, Dr. Mary Jane Lis
  • CT State Public Health Veterinarian- Randall Nelson
  • Bark To Be Heard- Consumer/Pet Owner Advocate, Lori Nicholson
  • David Banach, MD, MPH, Hospital Epidemiologist for UConn Health, SHEA/CDC Outbreak Response Training Program (ORTP)
  • Connecticut Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory at UCONN


Outside Consultants
Special thanks to the following individuals for their invaluable knowledge on the subject:

  • Alan Radford, SAVSNET, the Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network, University of Liverpool, U.K.
  • Ashley Zehnder, DVM, PhD, ABVP (Avian) Bustamante Lab, Stanford University
  • Kelly Hall, DVM, MS, DACVECC, VetCot: Improving Trauma Patient Care
  • Dr. Donald Goldmann M.D., Harvard Global Health Institute
  • AVI, (Association for Veterinary Informatics) for their ongoing pursuit of better health outcomes
  • Dr. Dan O Neill, RVC, VetCompass, Senior Lecturer in Companion Animal Epidemiology, the Royal Veterinary College, UK
  • Audrey Ruple, DVM, MS, PhD, DipACVPM, MRCVS, Purdue University Professor